Paul Jenkins

PAJ has been DJing since 2000, he plays all genres of hardstyle, hard trance, hard techno, and the odd bit of hardcore. With his self taught style, PAJ has played at many events including, Zion, Quarantine, Rave On, Sector 9, Goodgreef, Fcuk the neighbours (F T N), Mayhem, Zone, Cue Play, Rotation, with the UK`s finest, MARK E G, Kutski, Alex Kidd, Kid Kaos, M Zone, Morgan, Hustler, DMR, Dark by design, Sykesy, and the mighty INSTIGATOR to name a few. It's easy to see how much PAJ loves music, a true clubber turned DJ. His passion for music shows when he`s behind the decks with his own unique style, combining different genres.