Owen Andrews

I've grew up with djing as my dad is obsessed as I am, but I was never really fussed on his taste of music, my uncle introduced me to trance and I became in love with it.

I always wanted to dj myself, instead of watching my dad or uncle. But I always got shouted at because I wasnt allowed as my dad was afraid of me breaking his technics or scratching any of his records. In secondary school I found a pair of cdjs in the music room and used to sneak into there every lunch. I preferred sitting there and mixing myself away rather than going out and playing football with the rest of the boys in my year.

I finally got my first DJ controller when I was 14 after torturing my dad for years. I began discovering all the different types of trance that I love today.

If I had to pick an DJ / producer that I'm heavily inspired by I would have to Giuseppe Ottiviani and Craig Connally, I'm only 16 and if I put the work in I cant wait for what the future has to hold  ????????????